Thursday, November 15, 2007

Actor Turned Musician Music

Our next installment takes us to one of my favorite genres in music history, the actor turned musician genre. You know this kind of music, you are watching MTV and all the sudden some not so great song and video comes on the tube. You start to groove a little bit and then blam, you are like wait wait wait hold up, ain't that Marg Helgenberger from CSI, and why the hell is she singing a rap song. Thats the kinda ish you get from this genre, that real funky ish.

It's hard for me to talk trash about this genre because I love it soo much. I owe it to you my loyal 2 readers to address the crap bands of this genre. In no particular order, you got your Bruce Willis, Keanu Reaves, Bacon Brothers, Kevin Costner, Hasselhoff, Jada Pinket-Smith, et al. Did you ever know there was another Bacon who is not Kevin, a fatter less talented guitar toting Bacon. Paris Hilton, she had a crap song that was out very recently.

However, there are some great songs to take in. Pretty much anything Lindsey Lohan and Hillary Duff do is great (see let the rain fall down). Don Johnson had "Heart Beat", a classically good song. Patrick Swayze of all people had "She's Like the Wind." I can't honestly say a bad word about Swayze's song, I just love it.

Feel her breath on my face
Her body close to me
Can't look in her eyes
She's out of my league
Just a fool to believe
I have anything she needs
She's like the wind

Those lyrics are tuff as shit, that brother is feeling some real pain. I just want to take him to a strip bar and shake him till he forgets all about her.

The best song of this genre is Eddie Murphy's "Party all the Time." It has everything you could want: Rick James, a synthesizer, a catchy beat, patent leather jump suits, and at least a kilo of pure Columbian cocaine.

sorry kids, there is no cover that does it justice available

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